15 Jun 2016

PRINCE2 Exams – if in doubt, go for B

Posted by Paul Atkin

PRINCE2 Exams – if in doubt, go for B

PRINCE2 Foundation or Practitioner certification on your CV is a very handy thing to have. More and more that is the main reason for students being in a PRINCE2 Training course.  “I need the qualification to get my next contract or move into my next role” is what I am being told.

So that means all the help students can get to help them pass both exams – Foundation and Practitioner is invaluable.

Here are some of my top trainer tips.

Read The Question

Probably the most important bit of advice I can give. In a PRINCE2 exam one word can make a difference to the right answer so you really need to focus on the question. As you are reading the question highlight the key words.

For the Practitioner exam also look for what information it is telling you to use. Does it say referring to the Project Scenario or Additional Information or both? Also how many answers do you need to give? If it says 2, give 2 – otherwise you have lost the mark.

If in doubt, go for B

There is no negative marking in either PRINCE2 exams so if you don’t know an answer – guess!  Not a really technical bit of advice but what have you got to lose? The answer is nothing. If you don’t know, at least get something down – “If in doubt go for B” – I tell students. You may just get lucky and if that is the difference between passing and failing I am sure you will be quite happy.

Practitioner Exam – 2 minutes a question, no more!

One of the biggest challenges for students taking the Practitioner is TIME. It sounds great when you are told it is open book but the reality is you don’t have the time to spend looking for things when you don’t know where to find them. I tell students they need to be aiming to spend 2 minutes per question.  Don’t spend more than this, even if it is a ‘good’ question for you – all questions carry equal marks.

Your PRINCE2 manual is your best friend

Knowing your way round the manual can be the biggest help or, as you can see from above, the biggest hindrance. There is nothing worse when proctoring a Practitioner exam when you see a student spending about 10 minutes trying to find an answer worth 1 mark. All I am thinking at that point is “put the book down – go for B!”

So get to know your manual – it can be tabbed to the sections and you can also make notes in it. So get it set up so you can find the answer quickly.

Hopefully this might help you in the exam – Good Luck!

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