26 Jul 2018

PRINCE2 Training Courses in Canada – how do I get certified?

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PRINCE2 Training Courses in Canada – how do I get certified?

The best way to get certified in PRINCE2 is to attend a course.  A good PRINCE2 training course can really help you to achieve your goal of understanding the PRINCE2 methodology and to gain the Foundation and Practitioner certifications.

So what is involved in a PRINCE2 training course?

You should think of the course as being split into 3 stages:

1) Pre-course preparation

2) Foundation course

3) Practitioner course

Each part is equally important and success in each part leads to success in the others

PRINCE2 training course preparation

A PRINCE2 training course is not the sort of event where you can just show up on the first morning and start thinking about the subject matter.  You need to put in some pre-course work.  Good accredited training organizations will provide the PRINCE2 manual in advance along with a reading list and sample exam questions.  This really makes a difference. As a PRINCE2 trainer, I have trained hundreds of people and the ones who put the preparation in are normally the people who do better in the exams.

This might sound obvious but it is not always easy:  you have a day job as well as attending the PRINCE2 training course.  Concentrate on the event – you only do the PRINCE2 training course once – work will still be there next week.

So to prepare make sure you have the official PRINCE2 manual in plenty of time before the course. The better you know the manual the better you will do in the exams.

Foundation course

This PRINCE2 training course is a 3 day event covering all the Principles, Processes and Themes of PRINCE2.  The aim is to get you to the point where you understand and remember all the details of the PRINCE2 methodology.  The course should include group discussions and exercises so you can share experiences and check you fully understand everything.  To help you prepare for the Foundation exam, which is taken on the afternoon of the third day, there will also be sample Foundation papers to have a go at.  This allows you to practice the style of questions you will be asked in the exam. Practice certainly helps with the Foundation exam.

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is a multiple choice paper.  To gain the certification you need to pass the paper by scoring more than 55%.  It is closed book and you have 1 hour in which to complete the paper.  The paper will be marked on the day by the trainer or proctor.

Practitioner Course

Your final PRINCE2 training course runs for 1 more day.  This is usually straight after the Foundation course, but you can split it and attend separate events.  The aim of the Practitioner is to get you to the point where you can analyze and apply PRINCE2 to a realistic scenario.  To be able to sit the Practitioner exam you must have passed the Foundation exam.

The Practitioner course consists of an exam preparation day and the exam on the morning of the fifth day of the PRINCE2 training course.  The exam preparation day is exactly that – it is all about making sure you are as prepared as you can be.

On the preparation day you will work with a sample Practitioner paper so you get used to the styles of questions and the way they get asked.  You have to think PRINCE2!  The trainer will give you techniques of how to approach the paper and key words to look out for.  You’ll spend time on time management as this is vital and also key areas of the manual to focus on.  There will also be group exercises and discussions to refresh what you covered in the Foundation part of the course.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is in the multiple choice testing format, with more complex questions. To gain the certification you must score at least 55% on the paper. The exam is open book and lasts for 2.5 hours. Once the paper is completed it will be sent to the exam regulator to mark.

One of the things that makes a good PRINCE2 training course is the trainer. To be able to teach an official course the trainer needs to pass the exam at a higher level and then undergo a very tough observation and oral session with an Assessor.  And this happens every 12 months to make sure we are always up to the job!  For candidates it is a good guarantee that the trainer has a sound knowledge of the method and has good training skills.  If you are considering a PRINCE2 training course check how many courses the trainer has taught and how long they have been qualified – don’t pick a newbie!

Another benefit of attending a PRINCE2 course is that you will be able to claim PDUs at the PMI if you are a PMP.

As I said the best way to get certified – attend a PRINCE2 training course. Although as a PRINCE2 trainer I suppose I may be a little biased!

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