1 Nov 2017

The PRINCE2 exams

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PRINCE2 examsThe PRINCE2 exams (6th edition – v.2017)

The PRINCE2 exams.  You cannot get away from them.  If you attend a PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner course, you are going to have exams to sit.

There are 2 PRINCE2 exams – the Foundation exam and the Practitioner exam. So what is the difference?

Foundation PRINCE2 exams

The PRINCE2 Foundation exams are multiple choice papers.  You have 1 hour to sit the paper.  The exam is closed book so the only paperwork that will be on your desk is your question book and answer sheet.  This exam tests your knowledge and comprehension of PRINCE2.  Being completely honest with you it’s like a memory test – it shows that you can remember the key points in the PRINCE2 manual.

Passing the Foundation exam shows that you have a good grasp of PRINCE2.  It shows that you have gained a good knowledge of the key principles of the method and also the processes and themes.

So who should take the Foundation PRINCE2 exam?

People who are going to play apart in a project team either as a Team Manager or Project Support so they can get a better understanding of what the Project Manager is talking about.  I would also recommend that people who are going to sit on the Project Board take the Foundation course.  This is because it will give them a good grounding on what their responsibilities in the project will be and also let them know how their Project Managers are managing the project.

To be able to sit the Practitioner exam you need to pass the Foundation exam first.  The pass mark is 55%.

Practitioner PRINCE2 exams

Once you have passed the Foundation exam you will be able to take the Practitioner exam.  The Practitioner exams are also multiple choice exams.

The Practitioner PRINCE2 exams are 2.5 hours long.  They are open book as you are allowed your official PRINCE2 manual in the exam.  The questions are based around a project scenario and the exam tests your application and analysis of PRINCE2 in the given scenario.

The Practitioner exam is a big step up from the Foundation.  You not only have to have a good grasp of what’s in the PRINCE2 manual you also have to be able to show you could apply the framework.

So who should take the Practitioner PRINCE2 exams?

As I mentioned above this exam is about showing you can apply PRINCE2.  So the Practitioner course is really for people who are managing projects or could be managing projects in the future.  It is a tough exam. If you have experience of managing projects that will definitely help.

The pass mark for the Practitioner exam is 55%.

There you have it.  The PRINCE2 exams.  They are hard work but if you gain the certification they are well worth the effort.

PRINCE2 exams are scheduled regularly across Canada, or you can take an accredited PRINCE2 e-learning course

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