2 Aug 2014

What is the Value of PRINCE2 to my Organization?

Posted by Paul Atkin

What is the Value of PRINCE2 to my Organization?

Many Canadian organizations are adopting PRINCE2.  Others are still considering it.

So what is the Value of PRINCE2 to an organization?Value of PRINCE2

External Value of PRINCE2

If your organization provides project management services, PRINCE2 certified resources show your commitment to quality and leadership in the PM field in Canada.  You can advise clients on the new standard and show them how it would help their delivery of projects.  PRINCE2 demonstrates your international outlook and forward thinking beyond the norm of PMP certification.

Gaining some PRINCE2 certified resources on your team is wise insurance as PRINCE2 gets mentioned more and more in RFPs.  Some organizations have waited thinking “I’ll just see how it develops.”  They’ve missed out on valuable opportunities because RFPs have a closing date of a few weeks (if that), while PRINCE2 training usually happens every 2 or 3 months in most provinces.  PRINCE2 resources can command higher per diems, too.

Your organization can become certified too – it is possible to accredit up to Level 3 on the PRINCE2 Maturity Model or to become an Accredited Consulting Organization for PRINCE2.

Internal Value of PRINCE2

If your organization needs to tightly control its projects then adoption of PRINCE2 makes sure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet: time is saved because there are less misunderstandings and resources from different areas can work together faster by sharing a common terminology and standard.  PRINCE2 is very prescriptive:  it is based around a series of Processes and activities which map the course of the project from conception to successful close.

PRINCE2 is about delivering business value through project management.  The life support system of the PRINCE2 project is the Business Case.  This is created, in outline, before the project starts and developed and verified as the project progresses.  If the project does not add value to the organization, PRINCE2 says ‘game over’ and provides a clear exit strategy.

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