17 Apr 2014

Who’s who in the PRINCE2 community

Posted by Paul Atkin

Who’s who in the PRINCE2 community

There are 3 key players in the PRINCE2 community:

  1. Accredited Training Organizations
  2. Exam Institute

Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) ATO-PRINCE2 logo2

These organizations play a key role in the PRINCE2 community. They are licensed to deliver official PRINCE2 courses and provide PRINCE2 exams in Canada and around the world.  To become an ATO an organization needs to show, and maintain 3 things:

  1. A documented Quality Management System.  This shows how they will manage training events, provide materials to students, deal with issues and complaints and administer the PRINCE2 exams.
  2. At least one PRINCE2 Approved Trainer.  PRINCE2 Trainers must pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam with at least 66% (55% for everyone else).  They then undergo a series of co-teaches until they know the PRINCE2 manual and teaching materials to a high standard.  After this they are assessed by APMG (see below). This is done by an assessor who will watch the Trainer give a couple of sessions to a class.  They will then be interviewed to confirm they have a high knowledge of the PRINCE2 manual.
  3. Accredited Training materials.  A set of slides, exercises and pre-course material used during the training course.  These have to be technically correct and add value to just reading the PRINCE2 manual alone.

ATOs and PRINCE2 Approved Trainers are re-certified every 12 months. This means that you are working with organizations and individuals who are constantly kept to date by an independent body.  Who are the….

Exam Institutes

There are currently only 1 Exam Institute for PRINCE2 called PeopleCert.  This organization manages the exams, does some marketing and quality assures the Accredited Training Organizations and Approved Trainers.


AXELOS is a joint venture between the UK Government’s Cabinet Office and a UK company, Capita.  The Cabinet Office are part of the UK Government.  Responsible for efficiency and government project delivery, the Cabinet Office are the actual owners of the PRINCE2 methodology.  The nearest equivalent in Canada would be Treasury Board.  Capita are a large UK based services company.

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